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Summer's New Beginnings

My Summer So Far

Okay, so it technically is not just the beginning of summer. If you want to be more accurate, that was a month ago, but it is the beginning for me. It's a new beginning for me in the sense of trying to be less of a mess and be more productive. Throughout the month of June, I spent most of it traveling or be incredibly busy. Now that it's July, my schedule is almost completely open. And, truthfully, that makes me a bit scared. I am very easily bored and I have a bad habit of self isolating. This July I know that I have to keep myself busy and productive, not only because I have college applications coming up, but also for my mental health.

My July Plans

July is a very long month. I have a problem sometimes with summer where I forget how fast everything moves during it. I swear, two days ago was the beginning of June. In the past, I wanted summer to be a time for me to have fun, but also be super productive. I think I put too much pressure it trying to do both crazy fun things that all teenagers do, but also somehow have a life changing summer where I learn 4 languages and start my own company. Obviously, I'm not going to learn 4 languages in two months as a teenager. So, this year I want to set realistic goals. Number one, prep for the SAT that I will be taking in late August. Although many of the schools that I plan to apply to are test optional, it is still important to me to take it seriously. Having a great SAT score will really help me and I'm trying to practice at least 15 minutes a day. Number two, practice my Spanish, especially my vocabulary. This year I will be taking AP Spanish and of course it's important to prep for the class this summer, but it's also important for me to learn my family's native language. I've come a long way with my Spanish, but unfortunately I still have a long way to go too, mostly with my speaking abilities. I'm relatively good with understanding and reading Spanish, but when I try to speak it I basically forget every vocab word that I have ever learned. So, this summer I'm forcing myself to learn as much vocab as I can, even if I have to put sticky notes on everything in my house. Lastly, I want to keep up with my blog as much as I can.

My Blog Schedule

My plan, and I really promise to keep up with it as much as I can, is to post at least every Friday, so weekly. But, hopefully, I'll be able to post some extras that I write during the week. The topics will range and I will definitely post updates as to how my SAT prep is and how my Spanish journey is going. Another goal of mine is to try something new this summer. What I'm going to try, I have no clue. Maybe it'll be crocheting or even tennis, not completely sure, but once I do, I plan on keeping updates on here. That's all I know and I'll say for now. Who knows summer goes by quickly and a lot happens, so maybe I will completely change my mind on everything by next week. But, for now, I am excited for a new beginning in what I'm doing. I'll see you next Friday!



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